Alcohol Addiction

  • Alcohol Addiction

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    What is Alcohol Addiction?

    Alcohol addiction is when the habit of alcohol consumption exceeds social drinking, and results in symptoms such as the following:

    • An uncontrollable urge to drink
    • Lack of control over how much you drink
    • Negative thoughts when you’re not drinking alcohol
    • You can’t relax or fall asleep without drinking.
    • Alcohol serves as your escape from feelings.
    • You hurt people or become angry when you drink.
    • It's tough for you to remember what you did when you were drinking.
    • Your responsibilities suffer because of your drinking.

    Drinking too much can affect your health, relationships, or performance at work or school. When your body becomes dependent on alcohol, you end up drinking too much. Drinking excessively can damage your liver, cause stomach cancer, and harm your brain and nervous system.

    • Men shouldn't have more than two standard drinks per day.
    • Women shouldn't have more than one standard drink per day.
    • Pregnant women shouldn't drink as alcohol can affect the development of the baby.


    Why does it affect our mental health?

    Many people who drink very heavily every day do not eat properly. In particular, they do not get enough Vitamin B. At the same time, the body needs extra Vitamin B to repair the damage caused by alcohol. It particularly needs Vitamin B to repair damage to nerve cells in the body, including the brain. Very heavy drinking flushes vitamins out of the body. The very heavy drinker can also be left with no ability to lay down new memories. This is a type of dementia specifically associated with very heavy drinking. It is caused by a lack of Thiamine, which is a type of Vitamin B needed by the brain to make new memories. It can also cause (and will certainly make worse) any mental health problems, such as depression. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can also lead to personal and social problems.

    How can you help yourself from Alcohol Addiction?

    1. You could take HMO’s self- assessment to understand your present mental wellness condition and to also identify if your alcohol addiction has led to depression or anxiety. There is a SOS helpline if needed as well.
    2. You can seek answers from HMO specialists by messaging them with you self-assessment results for free.
    3. It would be beneficial for you to book an appointment with a Specialist, where more detailed advise, help and guidance can be provided.
    4. You can also use the Self-help Thrive guide (Link provided below).

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