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    “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost”, Billy Graham says.

    Experience tells us that when health is lost, almost everything is lost. What is health? When we talk of health, we usually refer to physical health or being disease-free, as well as of hygiene, exercise, healthy eating, and staying fit and active. What about mental health?  A healthy body is steered by a healthy mind. Yet, why is the subject of mental health often shunned or forgotten? Lack of awareness, shame and stigma are cited as reasons for ignoring mental health issues.  Is it because it is considered weak to be mentally unwell? Are mentally unwell people considered dangerous to society?

    Associations with shame, stigma and weakness are a product of our ignorance and misconceptions as a society, and not the fault of the sufferer. There is therefore a need for educating our communities to develop greater awareness, understanding and sensitivity towards mental health issues. When we hear about someone with a mental health issue, it is often imagined to be a terrible, chronic, untreatable and maybe dangerous condition. But that is assuredly not so.


    There is a whole spectrum of mental health issues. Some problems are just flakes of psychological constraints and can be tackled with understanding from family and friends, together with some gentle guidance and advice from qualified sources. Then there are some deeper problems which require a more robust approach including treatment by a team well-trained in handling these objectively. In both cases, caregivers play a vital role and they also need to be supported.


    It is time more attention is paid to those struggling in silence, and they are given the opportunity of having better overall health. It is time we all play our part in building a future society for ourselves which is well in all aspects of health.


    Awareness, access to resources, and supportive family and social environments are imperative in fostering mental wellness. We, as team Club2Care, are coming together to introduce and share information, materials and resources with you that would help you make an informed decision in choosing the right path to mental wellness for yourself and your loved ones.


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