Healing Process Q2

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  • 23rd

    Nov, 2018
    14:27 PM
    Healing Process Q2

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 3

    How were you diagnosed with your mental health issue? What are the procedures you had to go through?

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Healing Process Q2

  • Gayathri 28 Nov, 2018

      I was diagnosed by a psychologist and a psychiatrist. It came after I was admitted for being at risk of suicide in the emergency room for 3 days and the psychiatric ward for a week. There were some blood tests done during that period but I can't remember what they were for as my memory of the time is fuzzy.


  • Bernard Prasobhan 28 Nov, 2018

      A physical exam by my doctor that cause my symptoms. A psychological evaluation. Physical exam.  Personal history. Mental evaluation. Cognitive evaluation.


  • Max 28 Nov, 2018

      Went to see my school counsellor and subsequently the psychiatrist and got anti-depressants


  • Jacqueline 28 Nov, 2018

      I saw a psychiatrist at an outpatient clinic, after friends encouraged me to seek treatment instead of me diagnosing myself from reading books and the internet. The doctor asked me a number of questions and diagnosed me with my conditions.


  • Xiao Mei 28 Nov, 2018

      When a IMH nurse saw I was having panic attack. I had to eat medication to ease my anxiety and learn progressive muscle relaxation to calm myself down.


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