Signs of social withdrawal and irritability.

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Bharat Saluja (Dr)

Bharat Saluja (Dr)

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    Jun, 2017
    13:21 PM
    Signs of social withdrawal and irritability.

    Posted by : Zheng / Posted in : Depression

    "Expert comment included"

    My child is refusing to go to school and stopped going out with his friends.

    He has become very irritable.

    Is he suffering from depression?

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Signs of social withdrawal and irritability.

  • Dr Bharat Saluja 21 Jun, 2017

      Not necessarily. Depression may be one of the possible reasons for school refusal, decreased socialization and irritability. Other possible reasons could be bullying, psychologcal trauma, use of substances etc.


    Xia(09 Oct, 2017)

    So after checking for those possible causes, if they are not the cause for his present behaviour, what can I do to understand if he has depression or any other behavioural conditions?

    Bharat Saluja (Dr)(09 Oct, 2017)

    I’ll suggest that you would need to take your child to see a specialist as you would need proper assessment to test out whether your child is suffering from depressive disorder or not. Bullying, psychological trauma, substance use can be contributory factors for depressive illness.

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