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    Tuesday April 03 2018 16:28 PM Comments 0

    This online talk for youths is on boosting self esteem (4th April 2018).

    Please find some background material on this topic. The first video on the left, Niko Everett demonstrate how anyone- from boys and girls to grown men and women can get a glimpse into their own transformational looking glass, while the second video link below explains How to build self-esteem - The six pillars of self-esteem.

    Video Source: TED Talk, FightMediocrity

    More details on the event are below:


    Boosting Self-Esteem:
    Low self-esteem is commonly experienced, especially among youths, and can lead to anxiety, stress, loneliness and an increased likelihood of depression. Through boosting self-esteem, we can improve our mood, perception and overall wellbeing. This talk will explore the concept of self-esteem as an ongoing experience rather than something that can be fixed. The following points will be discussed:

    -    Causes of low self-esteem
    -    Sources of self-esteem
    -    Tips and techniques for boosting self-esteem

    Specialist Panel:
    - Sumaiyah Mohamed, Peer and Programme Coordinator Club HEAL
    - Noraini Abdul Wahab, Senior Counsellor Club HEAL
    - Aishah Alattas, Counsellor Club HEAL


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