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Healthy Mind Online Pte Ltd is a Social Enterprise registered with Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). It provides an online platform focused on mental wellness and health. The platform provides end-to-end online support to users from the comfort of their home. A unique structured approach is used to engage users. It hopes to help contribute towards a healthier and happier Singapore and the World, by getting significantly more persons in need find help and support.


Himanshu Shambhu Dayal
Education: MBA, Engineering; Experience: 20+ years
Experience in Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Market Research in ASEAN, Singapore, India, China, etc across multiple industries for IT Services. Worked in IBM and IDC (IT Consulting MNC) for most of the career. Last role in IBM was Head of Marketing for Banking Industry across ASEAN.
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/himanshushambhudayal/


Dr Bharat Saluja
Education: MD - Psychiatry, MBBS, MSc Psychology; Experience: 20+ years
Description: Consultant Psychiatrist (ex-IMH Singapore), with work experience in Singapore, India, UK and Australia. Currently Consultant Psychiatrist at Dandenong Hospital in Australia.

Aniruddha Mukherjee
Education: MBA, MSc; Experience: 20+ years
Description: Founder Director of Golden Embryo Technologies P Limited in India. Company develops software products in healthcare and other areas. Holds patent for 'Optimisation Engine' in India. 

Dr Foo Koong Hean   Consultant Psychologist, ex-JCU Singapore

Dr Joseph Leong       Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Institute of Mental health Singapore

Julius Chan                Peer Support Specialist, Institute of Mental health Singapore


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