Q4. Reflections on Recovery & Resilience

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  • 14th

    Dec, 2018
    17:35 PM
    Q4. Reflections on Recovery & Resilience

    Posted by : Jacqueline / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 6

    What is one takeaway from RWS/RTR that you intend to use to further your recovery and strengthen your resilience?

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Q4. Reflections on Recovery & Resilience

  • Gemini 19 Dec, 2018

      Practicing mindfulness and awareness which I'm not consistent of.


  • Bernard Prasobhan 19 Dec, 2018

      Team works from HMO friends


  • Xiao Mei 18 Dec, 2018

      CBT, self care, having a routine helps me a lot.


  • Jacqueline 18 Dec, 2018

      I have the habit of ignoring my routine and self care whenever I get busy or overwhelmed. I am reminded once again by RWS-RTR workshop and participants that a healthy daily routine is a good way to ground myself, it is also a form of self love and self care, and it was the basic foundation upon which I built my recovery and resilience. So I will work harder on my daily routine and self care.


  • Teh 18 Dec, 2018

      Cbt.. Routine.. No coffee tea..


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