Dr Smita Ghosh

Dr Smita Ghosh

Qualification : (Doctorate in Psychology)

Category : Resilience Coach

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Country Located: India

Experience: 10+ Years

Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Bengali, Gujarati 


Smita is a behavioural counsellor and a hypnotherapist. She is passionate about the human mind and emotions and practices as a happiness navigator. She is also an expert in meditation and mindfulness. She has been supporting the mental health of COVID19 patients. 


She has worked in the areas of Motivational Hyphosis, Personality Development and Communication, Psychological Self Defence, Self Awareness, Training of Geriatric Caregivers, Building Resilience, and others.

Smita works with Corporate Employees, Adolescents and Children.


She is the National President of Lifestyle and Fitness Council, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)

She has won the following awards:

  • Indian Psychological Association (IPA)- Academic Excellence Award 2020 
  • Award for Contribution in Health Awareness – International Education Award
  • Mindful Educator of the Year Award 2021- Mind On
  • IBRF Young Researcher Award-2021 – International Benevolent Research Foundation