Smita P Ghosh

Smita P Ghosh

Qualification : (Master of Counselling)

Category : Child and Adolescent Counselling

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Country Located: India

Experience: 4 Years

Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Bengali, Gujarati & French

Every year children continue their journey towards learning more and more, adding to their experience and overall development. As a parent and a professional, I feel that these are exciting times. The exposure that a child has today goes far beyond what we of the former generation was exposed to. They know much more, they learn faster and hopefully, they will be worldlier wise and sensitive than we were.

However, there is a flipside to it. Increased exposure means increased pressure to do better. Cutthroat competition in studies and extracurricular activities exhorts pressures that we have never faced. As parents we can only help them to understand and withstand these pressures and help them preserve their childhood even as they grow up.

I specialize in Positive Psychology, CBT and Counselling techniques in addition to ancient arts like Yoga (Concentration Techniques), Reiki and Self- Hypnosis (EFT). These techniques help children delve into their inner self and find their own reservoirs of strength and concentration apart from exposing them to an alternative way of realizing their potential in the future. While the ills that plague society are a legion, it’s important for us to choose specific targets to fight against. Attacking all the ills at the same time may be too ambitious resulting in no real change. Therefore I, choose the route of Children awareness.

I believe that Children – the window to the future, needs to be given the self-confidence and ability to look beyond school books and academic curriculum to a world that provides them awareness of their wider surroundings, thereby contributing to overall growth that eventually results in more socially aware citizens. Each of us has to contribute back to Society. Mine is therefore a journey to own up to our responsibilities towards a larger cause - A cause that we believe has the capacity to change society in small ways leading to a better, more aware future.

4 Week Program  - 1500 INR

Video Appointment - Duration: 60 minutes, 1500 INR