Anita Aggarwal

Anita Aggarwal

Qualification : (Master of Science - Foods and Nutrition)

Category : Nutrition Coach

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Country located: India

Experience: 20 Years +

Languages known: English, Hindi, Punjabi


Anita is an accomplished Nutritionist with an overall work experience of more than 20 years in Healthcare and Wellness sector. Her area of expertise is Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling for achieving good health in adults with varied physiological & health conditions and developing technical inputs for the same. She believes that optimal health & wellness can be achieved through a holistic & individualized approach to nutrition, behaviour and lifestyle. She empowers clients with scientific knowledge in simple way, along with practical guidelines to attain wellness. Use of newer/ indigenous, micro-nutrient rich food and development of innovative recipes for normal and therapeutic use is also her forte. Achievement through dedication, learning, hard work and sincerity have been key guiding principles in her career.

Counselling Philosophy

Progress is always the goal, not perfection. She believes in being a friend, philosopher and guide to the clients to maintain focus and constructive mindset throughout the health and wellness journey. Imparting scientific knowledge and logic behind the recommended changes, enables clients to make positive long-term changes in their behaviour and lifestyle.

Experience Details

• She is working with an NGO Arpana, to create a nutritional “Knowledge Bank” to empower people to use positive role of nutrition to achieve their health goals. It aims to translate latest research in simple understandable everyday language for a common person.

• She is working on a booklet for BWSSC depicting the role of Nutrition and Lifestyle for “Beauty from inside – out”.

• She was a Subject Matter Expert with Ernst and Young and developed Qualification Packs and National Occupational Standards for current and upcoming Slimming and Nutrition Roles for the Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council under National Skill Development Corporation.

• She has an extensive experience in various roles, spanning over 13 years in the Healthcare and Wellness sector

Academic Achievements

• M.Sc.-Foods and Nutrition, Lady Irwin College, Delhi University - 1993-95

• B. Sc. Hons (Home Science), Lady Irwin College, Delhi University -1990- 93

Other Achievements:

• Prepared technical information for corporates, Institute, centres, clients, and media.

• Developed technical inputs for

- Diet Diary & Food and Activity Logbook for clients availing weight management services.

- Booklet on “Wellness of the Elderly” printed by HelpAge India.

- Booklet on Obesity, its effect on health, causes, prevention, and management.

- An e- book ‘The Mother’s Guide to a Healthy Family’ to empower women with the knowledge on fitness, nutrition and healthy stress-free living for promoting and maintaining good health for themselves and their families.

- Nutrition Practical Guide to “Look Good, Feel Great” and healthy menu plans for contestants of Ponds Femina Miss India in the year 2004.