Manomanthan: RATA-HMO Webinar


22 May, 2021

07:00 PM

Manomanthan: RATA-HMO Webinar

Venue : Online

The entire world is going thru turmoil. Mankind has not seen such a pandemic in recent history.
Everybody is going thru some or the other kind of problems, not understanding what could lead to mental illness and further to physical illnesses.
In order to understand this and explore solutions, we at RATA, supported by ISHRAE Mumbai Chapter brings you MANOMANTHAN, Ek Sunhere Kal Ki Aur, Aasha Ki Paribhasha!!!! a series of interactive sessions which will help us wade thru these difficult times.

We have Special Guests addressing us :
Mr. Kanwaljeet Jawa, MD & CEO, Daikin
Mr. Amitabha Sur, ISHRAE National President

See you there!

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