from Recovery to Resilience (R2R) Workshop Online Support Group


23 Sep, 2019

12:00 AM

from Recovery to Resilience (R2R) Workshop Online Support Group

Venue : HMO Online Video Conference

From Recovery to Resilience:

An online workshop support group base on Workplace Resilience, to equip our participants with skills, competencies for discussions and confidence that will enable our participants to step forward into the working world and equip themselves with tools to sustain resilience throughout their working career.

Participants will have a hands-on experience on skill sets required like working in a team, looking at data to come up with insights and increased confidence in sharing their insights and foresights.

Feedback received from past sessions:

  • Event provides a lifeline
  • Did not know many medication's side effects
  • Did not know about talk therapy
  • Provides partners for recovery
  • Picked up tips and ideas on how to cope
  • Platform allows anonymity
  • Allows people who are shy to participate
  • Can participate from office
  • Video-conferencing is very interesting

Topics to be covered: 

1. 21st February 2019 - Introduction orientation and The Recovery Journey and the Goal for Wellness Sustenance

2. 28th February 2019 - Acquiring Experiential Life Skills Coaching

3. 7th March 2019 - Moving From the Medical Model of Diagnosis & Acquiring  Insights of Mental Health Issues

4. 14th March 2019 - Acquiring Stress Awareness and Exploring Experiential Strategies

5. 21st March 2019 - Adopting Natural Support Life Skills 

6. 28th March 2019 - Minimising Medication Dosages vs Maximising Effective Management

7. 4th April 2019 - Care Plan as a Necessity vs “Relapse”/Setbacks with a Choice 

8. 11th April 2019 - Addressing Fears; Facing the Unknown- Engaging Solutions From Inner Wisdom

9. 18th April 2019 - The Graduation Practice: Recovery and Wellness Sustenance (RWS) Workshop Online Support Group & Online Session with Guest speakers that includes Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Caregivers, Peer Support Specialists, etc


Participants will gather in different groups and discussion will be led by a peer leader from the group.

Discussion questions will be put up on the community forum of Healthy Mind Online (HMO) website by participants to continue engagement and interaction with one another.

One on one positive feedback will be provided on areas of improvement for growth orientation.

Certificate of participation will be provided on successful completion.

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