Healing Process Q3

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  • 23rd

    Nov, 2018
    14:28 PM
    Healing Process Q3

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 3

    There are 5 stages in the recovery process: Denial, Awareness, Acceptance, Insight and Meaning. Which stage are you at now and what do you think you can do to move to the next stage?

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Healing Process Q3

  • Healing Maiden 28 Nov, 2018

      At the awareness stage. Hope to accept and live peacefully without struggles.


  • Bernard Prasobhan 28 Nov, 2018

      I am at the ready stage for work. Level 5/10 Action. Exercise/Workout to establish a simple routine to be able to work


  • Jacqueline 28 Nov, 2018

      I am at the Acceptance and Insight stages. I have accepted my mental conditions, but I still hide a lot from non peers. I hope to work more on this area. As for Insights, attending recovery workshops and joining peer support groups has helped me a lot. I learn many coping skills such as how to recover from a setback, I gain new perspectives about my illness like how my thought patterns and behaviour are affected by my feelings and my moods, and I learn resilience from mentors and peers.


  • Max 28 Nov, 2018

      I feel like i am moving past recovery and getting back who i was before i was depressed. I am not sure where that lies in the 5 stages of recovery.


  • Xiao Mei 28 Nov, 2018

      Awareness. Slowly adapting into a routine that I've made for myself and moving into accepting my illness.


  • Gemini 27 Nov, 2018

      I am at the stage of insight. I need to stay mindful and aware of any slightest habitual thoughts behaviour to change the thinking patterns by taking action to be positive and praise myself more and don't grasp at negativity.


  • Teh 27 Nov, 2018

      Action. Working to establish a routine, starting from the basics again, having a good breakfast, and doing the necessary upkeep in the morning.. Making sure the easy ones are established first, before moving on to the next..


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