Care Plan Q2

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  • 07th

    Dec, 2018
    13:55 PM
    Care Plan Q2

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 5

    What are some of the reasons/triggers you get setbacks?

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Care Plan Q2

  • Bernard Prasobhan 15 Dec, 2018

      People who bully me and belittle me


  • Gemini 12 Dec, 2018

      Facing challenges out of my comfort zone which i'm not confident of.


  • Kevin Goh 11 Dec, 2018

      Nights when I have little sleep cause me to have signs pointing to a setback. No setbacks as yet.


  • Xiao Mei 08 Dec, 2018

      People who bully and belittle me


  • Teh 07 Dec, 2018

      Regarding the qn/ ans last week.. "Always check intention .. .. ..", To have "sincere intention", meaning a fixed opinion to an issue, but importantly one that is derived from *kindness* to all party.. The "true heart", is also a "kind heart" as well..


  • Healing Maiden 07 Dec, 2018

      Inadequate medicine, insufficient sleep, conflicts in relationships, high stress, too many things to do in a day. Need for me-time


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