Care Plan Q3

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  • 07th

    Dec, 2018
    13:59 PM
    Care Plan Q3

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 5

    What are the actionable steps that you can take to address the early warning signs?

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Care Plan Q3

  • Bernard Prasobhan 18 Dec, 2018

      Whenever I encounter negative feelings, I will seek my mobile and listen to music to relax myself and binge eating


  • Gemini 12 Dec, 2018

      To firstly self-talk myself to be realistic in self-expectation, to accept failure as part of learning, to recognize my strengths instead of just flaws, to self-affirm instead of self-doubt, and to be optimistic instead of pessimistic about future. And secondly, to take deep breaths while holding it in within before exhaling slowing, while naturally rest and relax my body and mind just as it is into its original true nature, without grasping nor rejecting at my triggering factors.


  • Kevin Goh 11 Dec, 2018

      Don't go out after dinner to have less stimulating nights so that can have adequate sleep. Check mood to ensure that it does not get highs and lows


  • Xiao Mei 08 Dec, 2018

      Whenever I encounter negative feelings, I will seek my counsellor for help or post my problems into my social WhatsApp group to talk about my problem. I also do regular exercise in order to sweat my tired body to regulate my mood. I listen to music to relax myself. I also start to write a routine daily, care plan and gratitude journal for myself.


  • Teh 07 Dec, 2018

      For my mum, once she exhibit early early warning signs, i should go and seek advice from psy doctor immediately. Go by myself, w/o my mum..


  • Healing Maiden 07 Dec, 2018

      Adequate sleep, eating healthy meals, attempting exercise, learning from others conflict management skills


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