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  • 07th

    Dec, 2018
    14:02 PM
    Care Plan Q1

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 5

    Have you been able to identify your early warning signs? How did you identify them? Was it by yourself or with the help of family/friends/doctors etc?

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Care Plan Q1

  • Bernard Prasobhan 18 Dec, 2018

      I am able to identify my early warning signs Over the years I have no control over my temper and can't able to learn coping skills when someone triggers me. Not sleeping well, ups and downs moods


  • Gemini 12 Dec, 2018

      Yes. With the help of my Brother he observed my warning signs.


  • Jacqueline 11 Dec, 2018

      Yes I am able to identify my early warning signs. In the past I am less self aware so family members gave me feedback. I was in denial and resented the feedback. Later on I learn to journal and do self reflection so I become aware of my own warning signs.


  • Kevin Goh 11 Dec, 2018

      Not sleeping well. Irritable moods. Can identify by myself and with help of family members


  • Xiao Mei 08 Dec, 2018

      Over the years I have learn to control my temper and learn coping skills when someone triggers me.


  • Teh 07 Dec, 2018

      Rumination, heaty/ burning sensation at the back of neck, delusions.. "Excitedness", "Euphoria" - too much happy thoughts or sth.. Not to have too much "appt" in a day.. "Pain in the neck", delusions..


  • Healing Maiden 07 Dec, 2018

      I have identified my warning signs through my family and by myself. My doctors always say I have insight to my illness


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