Q2. Reflections on Recovery & Resilience

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  • 14th

    Dec, 2018
    17:03 PM
    Q2. Reflections on Recovery & Resilience

    Posted by : Jacqueline / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3 - Session 6

    We need social support for our recovery but sometimes we run into interpersonal conflicts. How do you manage or resolve these conflicts?

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Q2. Reflections on Recovery & Resilience

  • Gemini 19 Dec, 2018

      Explain myself to them. If they don't understand, stop telling them anything then look for my other social support. Don't let them affect my mood.


  • Xiao Mei 18 Dec, 2018

      Talk it out will help one person understand the other person so that there will have any misunderstanding.


  • Jacqueline 18 Dec, 2018

      The best way for me is if both parties are willing to communicate and work out the conflicts. So what worked for me would be (1) Talk it out to understand both points of views (2) Give and take (3) Observe personal boundaries (4) Obtain a workable solution


  • Healing Maiden 18 Dec, 2018

      Crying helps me relieve the pain inside. I am trying to learn from others on how they manage their interpersonal conflicts. Mutual sharing can help us feel we are not alone and put us in a better stead to deal with it?


  • Teh 18 Dec, 2018



  • Bernard Prasobhan 18 Dec, 2018

      I hv been through. For me hard to make friends so now I dun hv friends....idk wat to reply????


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