Thank you HMO. I have learnt a lot through HMO and applied some of the coping strategies and methods discussed here. As a result, I feel better and happier. I learnt to be more positive. I also have personally shared what i have learnt with my friends. We support each other and I have learned not only to listen, but to apply in my life.


Tiffany Tng

14 May, 2018

Personal power...I have decided to print my full qualification on my name card, after being too insecure to do it for so many years. 

Recovery To Resilience Event Participant

31 Jan, 2018

I’m glad to join this session. It’s nice to be understood and learn from others smiley


Recovery To Resilience Event Participant

31 Jan, 2018

Client found the consult useful. He did not have any issues with technology related matter. Arranging appointment was easy.  (Video Conference between Australia and India).

Dr Bharat Saluja

31 Jan, 2018

What I like the most about this platform is the easy access from anywhere including Australia where I reside. I can book an appointment with specialist in Australia. The platform involves global specialists, which I believe is a good advantage for more options. The unique feature is the stand-by agents on live chat who are ready to serve you.


Syafiqah Alex

21 Sep, 2017

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