Maintaining Personal Dignified Integrity Approach

  • By Julius Chan

    Qualification : Peer Support Specialist

    Wednesday January 17 2018 10:50 AM Comments 0

    As shown from the short Cherokee video about the 2 wolves, we can see how our thoughts can be our own worst enemy. If we “feed” our negative thoughts, we allow them to rule our mind, and disempower us. It is so important for us to learn how to keep personal power to ourselves and not give it away.

    It is crucial we learn ways how not to take things personally, how to avoid the danger of assuming things, keeping self-composure and practicing self-control, so that we can do our best at any frontier.

    We also encourage everyone to develop their own ways of demonstrating self-confidence amidst adversity.

    Below is a motivational video on related to this topic. We hope it may provide you with something to remember when you feel lost in your life.

    Details of the online workshop on this topic and others are at the link below. We encourage you to join and benefit from these sessions.

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