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    Reflection on RWS/RTR

    Wednesday September 12, 2018 by sabrina Comments 0

    We have come to the end of RWS and I’m sure we have gained a valuable understanding of ourselves through this workshop. We heard insightful thoughts and sharing as well as in depth discussion on recovery. RWS has allowed us a safe space to be vulnerable and share our experiences with other participants without the fear of judgement and criticism. Through RWS, we became more self-aware and increase our understanding of various coping skills we..
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    Facing Fears

    Wednesday September 05, 2018 by sabrina Comments 0

    "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy." - Dale Carnegie  Fear can be paralyzing and sometimes it stops us from achieving our goals. Fear can stem from the past or different expectations from others or ourselves. Fear stops us from experiencing life to the fullest. It is so difficult to have an amazing life if we are..
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    Preventing Relapse/Setback

    Wednesday August 29, 2018 by sabrina Comments 0

    Part of recovery is knowing that it is not going to be a straight road. Relapse/Setbacks can occur and if you have a care plan in place, you are able to get back on track. A relapse/setback happens when symptoms return or get worse. However, it is possible to prevent a relapse/setback or prevent symptoms from exacerbating. When you create a care plan to help deal with symptoms, it reduces the chance of a full-blown relapse/setback.  It is..
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    Role of Medication in Recovery

    Tuesday August 21, 2018 by sabrina Comments 0

    People with mental health struggles have different views on recovery and how medication play a role in their recovery. Consumer-survivors (people with mental illness who consumes medication) construe recovery not as a “cure” but living a life that is fulfilling and satisfying despite their ongoing struggles with mental illness. According to studies, medication add to the definition of recovery for some consumers. A crucial part of recovery..
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    Building Deeper Relationships

    Wednesday August 15, 2018 by sabrina Comments 0

    At the end of the day, when you strip away the layers of materialistic desires, money, fame, social media popularity, power and status, what is left that transcends space and time is human connection. We, as human beings, want to feel connected, to know that we are not alone in this world. Building relationships takes a lot of effort and vulnerability. To form deeper connections, silence the critical voice in your head and focus on the other..
  • Stress Awareness
    Stress Awareness

    Wednesday August 01, 2018 by HMO STAFF Comments 0

    The general consensus when it comes to stress is that stress is bad. However, some stress is needed in life for us to grow and be more resilient. We need to identify which stresses are good stresses and which are bad. Good stress, which is known as Eustress, is “a positive form of stress that happens when you’re engaged in an activity that is both exciting and motivating.” Eustress is the kind of stress that keeps you motivated. You will..
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    Stages of Healing Process in Recovery of Mental Illness

    Wednesday July 25, 2018 by HMO STAFF Comments 0

    More often than not, mental illness attacks the sense of self in an individual. Other than affecting the mind and body, it also affects our identity. “Who am I when I have a mental illness?” A mental illness diagnosis can destroy our sense of confidence in how we maneuver the world. When I was diagnosed, I worry about how I was going to handle challenges that come with life. I didn’t have the confidence to live life and all I thought..
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    Life Skills

    Wednesday July 18, 2018 by HMO Staff Comments 0

    Life skills are skills that are “necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.” Some of these skills include effective communication, effective interpersonal relationships, problem solving and decision making. It is vital for one struggling with mental health to have these skills so that one is able to cope with challenges that comes with life to prevent relapse. Having effective life skills translate to having a healthy..
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    The Recovery Process

    Wednesday July 11, 2018 by HMO Staff Comments 0

    The recovery model in mental health involves the holistic view of health which is the idea of putting the person first instead of focusing on their symptoms. The recovery process is not a straight road, it has its ups and downs. This model requires a lot of commitment and patience from people with mental illness. However, this recovery process calls for a group effort instead of just the individual, it includes health care professionals,..
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    How Parents Can Be Supportive for LGBT Children?

    Thursday July 05, 2018 by HMO Staff Comments 0

    How Parents Can Be Supportive for LGBT Children? Experts recommend these tips for helping your LGBT child: Protect privacy. Ask your child first before telling anyone else about his or her LGBT status. If you, as a parent, need to talk about this issue for your own mental health, then find a parent support group. But, don’t betray your child’s trust – it is most important to be respectful of what your child wants when it comes to..
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    Coping with LGBT challenges as young adults

    Thursday July 05, 2018 by HMO Staff Comments 0

    Coping with LGBT challenges as young adults Learning to be yourself and dealing with other people’s perception of you can be hard for anyone. This process can be especially stressful or tough for young adults who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). In fact, they can face unique issues when it comes to mental health. The discrimination LGBT young adults may face or the pressure they feel from their family or community can put..
  • The Concluding Summary: A Vision for an Ongoing Trendsetting Community for A More Relevant and Resilient Globalized Village

    Monday May 14, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    Many times in our life, we might fall down, and when we are down, often times it may feel like we do not have the strength to get back up. Especially when we fall face down, and it seems impossible to get back up again. In this inspiring short video, Nick Vujicic shows us how important it is to have hope to keep trying, because it matters how we are going to finish. If we are going to finish strong, then we will find that strength to get back up..
  • Achieving High Level Happiness Sustenance With Positive Mindsets

    Monday May 07, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    Our life is a gift given to us, with love and care, and we always have reasons to celebrate. However, as shown from the video, we often insist on focusing on only the dark spots – the health issues that bother us, the lack of money, the complicated relationship with a family member, the disappointment with a friend, etc… If we look closer, we will realize that the dark spots are actually very small compared to everything we have in our..
  • Personal Healing and Forming Relationships: Sexuality Awareness

    Monday April 30, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? In this talk, psychiatrist Robert Waldinger shares with us a 75-year-old study on adult development, which brings across the message that good, close relationships are good for our health and well-being. Even though relationships are messy and they're complicated and the hard work of tending to family and friends are lifelong and it never ends, but over these 75 years, the study has..
  • Actualising Financial Independence

    Monday April 09, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    A healthy financial future isn’t about how much money you make – it’s about how you manage and plan. Learning some basic money management techniques can help get your finances in order, no matter your income. This short video shows us the importance of managing and planning our finances. There is a misconception that to be good with money, you need a lot of it. What is true is that to be good with money, you need everyday money..
  • Stimulating Support Network

    Monday April 02, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    As a person journey along on his or her path to recovery, it is good to be individually brilliant and to have strong core competencies in knowing how to help themselves. This short video shows us the importance of knowing when to work together as a team and how to tap on the strengths of others. The reason being that unless you are able to work in a team and harness each other’s core competencies, you will always perform below par because..
  • Discerning Choices on Job Search

    Monday March 12, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    Work is important to our well-being. Not only does it bring us income, it can also give us the opportunity to feel productive, which can be good for our self-esteem. This short video explores the importance of being able to understand your own mental health conditions and encourage you to connect with others and reach out for support. The video also teaches us how to get resources and help, whether we are employees, employers, families or..
  • Learning from Hindsight, Increasing Insight, Achieving Foresight

    Wednesday March 07, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    As we try to increase our insights to gain a more accurate, deeper understanding of ourselves, and try to achieve foresights, we will more often than not find ourselves at the juncture where we have to learn to let go of the past. This short motivational video above talks about how we can learn from our hindsight, to let the winds of forgiveness erase away our hurts, and be grateful for the good others did for us. As we begin to understand..
  • From Dependence to Independence to Interdependence

    Monday February 26, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    The stages of resilience are in a way very much like Stephen Covey’s 7 habits to personal effectiveness. As we progress through the different stages of our resilience, we move from dependence, to independence, and finally to interdependence. As seen from the video above, when we start to be proactive, learn to begin with the end in mind, and put first things first, then we start to move from the stage of dependence to independence. And when..
  • The importance of Medication

    Thursday February 08, 2018 by Julius Chan Comments 0

    Medications. They come with benefits, as well as side effects and risks. This video above looks at the generalized side effects for psychotropic medications used in the treatment of mental disorders, and also shares tips with caregivers on how to manage the different adverse reactions to ensure the patient continues their course of treatment so that they can experience the potential benefits of psychotropic medication. For people already..


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