Learning from Hindsight, Increasing Insight, Achieving Foresight

  • By Julius Chan

    Qualification : Peer Support Specialist

    Wednesday March 07 2018 14:46 PM Comments 0

    As we try to increase our insights to gain a more accurate, deeper understanding of ourselves, and try to achieve foresights, we will more often than not find ourselves at the juncture where we have to learn to let go of the past.

    This short motivational video above talks about how we can learn from our hindsight, to let the winds of forgiveness erase away our hurts, and be grateful for the good others did for us.

    As we begin to understand how our past may shape us, but doesn’t define who we become, we will start to learn how our past enriches our present, and how our present can in turn provide us with foresights to a fruitful future.

    The first step of understanding our history and learning from our hindsight on how to let go can help to increase our insights to allow us to achieve more contentment. Learning from past experiences and having the motivation to move on can also help us to accept our unique self, and in turn, accept others and even lead to reconciliation with self and others as we learn to cope with self-stigma and stigma from others.

    Details of the online workshop on this topic and others are at the link below. We encourage you to join and benefit from these sessions.




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