Role of Medication in Recovery

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    People with mental health struggles have different views on recovery and how medication play a role in their recovery. Consumer-survivors (people with mental illness who consumes medication) construe recovery not as a “cure” but living a life that is fulfilling and satisfying despite their ongoing struggles with mental illness. According to studies, medication add to the definition of recovery for some consumers. A crucial part of recovery is having medication that allows you to function fully and at your best. Some consumer-survivors expressed that medication serve as a buffer shielding them from a setback. On the other hand, some other consumers believe that the biological component of medication does not bring about a sense of hope, dream or goal that are usually desired in recovery. These consumers recognized taking medication but did not perceive themselves entirely recovered solely on this reason. This supports the recovery-oriented model of recovery where medication is one aspect to lessen psychiatric symptoms. Medication planning and management is important to give consumers a sense of control and choice. Medication is the foundation where consumers can begin to notice their strengths in other aspects of their life, which in turn propose the concept of hope and empowerment into medication management.

    Consumers find it difficult to adhere to a medication routine. Many are not compliant. To focus on just the adherence to medication subvert consumer choice, empowerment and self-determination. The traditional model of recovery where consumers are expected to adhere to medication does not allow consumers to explore their overall needs and ambitions. Having a therapeutic relationship with professionals can provide a framework where consumers can think about their personal meanings of medication and work out medication use. Having a relationship with provider can affect how consumers adhere to medication. Consumers want providers to listen and respect their views on medication. Therefore, having this partnership with your provider and being able to negotiate medication use can increase consumer’s adherence to medication. These partnerships allow consumers to take part and be pro-active in managing their medication within a safe space and then learn to use medication as a tool in their recovery. Overall, consumers need to find their own meaning of recovery and see how they can work with the professionals in how they can manage their medication, thus using medication as one of the tools in recovery. In finding your own meaning in recovery, you can weave medication into the framework of recovery in your mind. It is important to take note that medication is important but it is also only one aspect of recovery.


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