Reflection on RWS/RTR

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    By sabrina

    Qualification : BA PSYCHOLOGY

    Wednesday September 12 2018 11:13 AM Comments 0

    We have come to the end of RWS and I’m sure we have gained a valuable understanding of ourselves through this workshop. We heard insightful thoughts and sharing as well as in depth discussion on recovery. RWS has allowed us a safe space to be vulnerable and share our experiences with other participants without the fear of judgement and criticism. Through RWS, we became more self-aware and increase our understanding of various coping skills we can adopt to help ourselves in our recovery. The collective wealth that was accumulated from each and every one in our village is so beneficial. The four circle that makes up the resilience model, that is well known to the participants of RWS, will be the basis of how we build our resilience. To be resilient, we learnt that our medication management, social support, healthy lifestyle and effective coping skills have to be strong. It matters that our foundation of these four aspects is steady so that when we experience a setback, we are able to bounce back faster. The building blocks of resilience comes from ourselves and our environment. The human capacity to endure suffering, the human ability to carry on despite adversities is admirable. We have it inside of us to survive and thrive.

    Realizing our worth and that we are deserving of so much more in life can motivate us to work towards getting out of our illness and finding a semblance of sanity. Help is out there and even though sometimes it feels like we are trying to find our way in the dark, have hope, hold on, reach out your hands and before we know it, we find another person finding their way in the dark as well. Recovery can feel very foreign and it can feel like we are just stumbling around trying to find our way in the blackest and darkest of dusk but know that there are people out there who are in the same boat as us. There is light and we are all on a journey to find that light together, to absorb this light and let it burn deep inside of us till we explode like a supernova, spreading our love and light to the very ends of the universe. We deserve whatever recovery can offer and it can offer so much more than the safety of staying in our illness and our comfort zone. We now have the skills to maneuver recovery like a champion. So, go out and live boldly, amidst the stigma, amidst the voices of doubt and criticism.

    What we learnt in RWS, we share with others like us and hold one another up. From the stories we share with one another in RWS, we can see and feel the strength and resilience we all possessed. Society says we are not capable, society deemed us unworthy but we will prove to them with grace, dignity and kindness that we can blossom in spite of our illness. Remember to practice what you learnt as recovery is a skill, we cannot be complacent because mental illness is sneaky and it will attack when we let our guard down. So, gather all your weapons and armory and charge on towards this invisible monster that torments us every day. To get up and fight the same monster over and over, and sometimes to know that we will fail on some days, takes courage. We will prevail. Mental illness cannot defeat the human spirit and the human desire to survive. I believe in us. Go forth!


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