The Illusion Of Free Choice

  • Which Makes You Happier?

    By HMO Staff

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    Wednesday October 04 2023 13:31 PM Comments 0

    Which Makes You Happier? 36 flavours at Baskin Robbins or the ice-cream uncle with only Mint Choc Chip left in his ice cream cart?

    You might think having more choices would make you happier, but experiments have shown that people who had no choice over their meal had lower anxiety and stress compared to those who had a choice

    Set meals vs. Ala carte - now you know which makes you smile!

    Source: Using food to reduce stress: effects of choosing meal components and preparing a meal. 

    Osdoba, K. E., Mann, T., Redden, J. P., & Vickers, Z. (2015). 


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