Stress Management - good stress

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  • 03rd

    Aug, 2018
    14:01 PM
    Stress Management - good stress

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 7 / R2R Event 2

    Can stress be good? If yes, can you provide examples? In what ways is stress beneficial?

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Stress Management - good stress

  • Kelly L 13 Aug, 2018

      Stress can be good when it comes in small doses and not intensively for long periods of time. It is a motivator and it also challenges you. The last thing you need is to become too complacent and stop learning or striving for more.


  • Jacqueline 07 Aug, 2018

      Anonymous said "Stress can be motivating, energising and positive when it's at the peak of the stress graph, i.e. at equilibrium, where it's optimal and not too much or too little. I found myself at that point of the stress curve when I do things I enjoy and I'm good at. An example would be when I took 2 modules within one semester in university instead of 1. (to be contd)


    Jacqueline(13 Aug, 2018)

    Anonymous said "(Contd) I feel more excited and motivated to go to school. The motivation and challenge helps me stay on track for assignments, and also enable me to go beyond what the tutor expects of me. I felt very fulfilled everyday, seeing that I'm making progress and improving. No day felt wasted. I also got better grades for 2 modules than when I only took 1 module the previous semester."

  • Nicholas Wong 07 Aug, 2018

      A little bit of stress is good as it also serve as a motivation for us to do well. Example, new job assignment.


  • Jacqueline 03 Aug, 2018

      Yes, stress is good if it is not excessive or for prolonged period of time. It gives us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, to acquire new skills, and grow as a person. One example is to set personal goals to challenge ourselves. Another kind of good stress can be from simple enjoyable activities that is also a little challenging eg: learning a new hobby or plan a family overseas vacation


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