Life Skills Q1

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  • 16th

    Nov, 2018
    14:02 PM
    Life Skills Q1

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3

    Which Life Skill do you think is most relevant to you at this point in your recovery journey?

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Life Skills Q1

  • Hoon 22 Nov, 2018

      The ability to work without worrying about money lessen stress. Keeping an exercise regime and watching diet are ways for me to cope.


  • Jacqueline 22 Nov, 2018

      The life skill that are most relevant to me now would be to have a workable and realistic routine everyday daily


  • Gayathri 20 Nov, 2018

      I think having and keeping to schedule is most important for me at this point in my recovery journey.


  • Bernard Prasobhan 20 Nov, 2018

      Q1: The life skill that would be workable and realistic routine everyday.


  • Jun Hong 20 Nov, 2018

      I think to be able to bounce back from set backs. There are bound to be set backs along the way in your life. It is getting back on your feet and continue moving forward and not allowing these set backs to hold you back that i think everyone should learn.


  • Healing Maiden 20 Nov, 2018

      My best life skill is my hunger for knowledge? To do things and to learn about life


  • Xiao Mei 19 Nov, 2018

      Having a routine so that I will be focus on what I want to do. Learn to understand the other person, because often I speak my own way by talking to others.


  • Faith Hsieh 17 Nov, 2018

      Ability to deal with emotion and ability to deal with psychological pressure is most relevant to me at this point in my recovery journey.


  • Teh 16 Nov, 2018

      Controlling of temper.. ..


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