Life Skills Q2

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  • 16th

    Nov, 2018
    14:06 PM
    Life Skills Q2

    Posted by : Gayathri S Panicker / Posted in : RWS Event 8 / RTR Event 3

    How do you cope with Mental Illness at your workplace? Do you use the 6 A's (Adaptability, Attitude, Altitude, Aptitude, Attendance and Appearance)? Please give an example.

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Life Skills Q2

  • Hoon 22 Nov, 2018

      Adaptability - blend in to the culture to build cohesive relationship with colleagues. Attitude - I want to hv the same good work attitude to work with. Attendance - I am paid for my time hence I shd be working on time. Appearance - I enjoy being respect and admire for hw i carry myself and dress code.


  • Jacqueline 22 Nov, 2018

      I make sure I show up at each tuition session (Attendance) and I dress appropriately no shorts or sliippers (Appearance). I do my best when I help each student so that they may find confidence in handling the subject matter, develop interest in the subject and acquire useful work values along the way (Attitude)


  • Bernard Prasobhan 20 Nov, 2018

      Q2. (Adaptability), I m able to adjust myself readily to different conditions (Attitude) my posture dress code are neat and tidy. I dress appropriately no shorts or sliippers (Appearance). I do my best at work (Attendance) I make sure I show up at each time at work


  • Healing Maiden 20 Nov, 2018

      I gave up on multi tasking. Just concentrated on the role I do best


  • Xiao Mei 19 Nov, 2018

      I showed positive attitude by showing enthusiasm and take pride in my work. I made effort in my appearance so to respect the people I meet.


  • Faith Hsieh 18 Nov, 2018

      My last attempt to work lasted 2 days after relapse of anxiety due to my habitual: 1) unrealistic self-expectation of zero-failure to had caused: i) unnecessary fear of failure resulting in unnecessary anxiety and thus drop in life skills and competence, ii) unnecessary self-belittling and thus lost of self-confidence; 2) unecessary constant negative worrying or never-ending list of "what if..?"; 3) unnecessary constant negative predictions or "fortune telling" due to negative past experiences.


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