Alternatives to psychiatric consultations?

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Bharat Saluja (Dr)

Bharat Saluja (Dr)

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Alternatives to psychiatric consultations?

  • Dr Bharat Saluja 21 Jun, 2017

      I must say that psychiatrists and the psychologists are the experts in assesment and management of mental health issues including depression. Unfortunately, mental illnesses are still perceived negatively by our socities and associated with unalled stigma and biases. Many celebrities have come out and spoken in public about their mental health to reduce this stigma. I really hope that you are able to see a psychiatrist and or a psychologisit to receive the best treatment.


    Zheng(09 Oct, 2017)

    Is it better to see a psychologist first or a counsellor first?

    Bharat Saluja (Dr)(09 Oct, 2017)

    There is no correct answer but my suggestion would be to see the psychiatrist first who can can collaboratively discuss with you about the appropriate follow-up and need for medications or not.

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