S01 E01 Mind Games: A RATA initiative with HMO

  • By RATA ISHRAE RAMA HMO Leadership

    Qualification : HMO Specialists

    Saturday May 22 2021 17:10 PM Comments 0

    The focus of this series is to address mental wellness which would otherwise impact the dynamics of trade. The collective brainstorming was done by members of RATA, ISHRAE, HMO, and Leaders of the Industry. Expert advice and solutions were provided by mental wellness specialists from Healthy Mind Online.

    Mr. Kanwaljeet Jawa's participation throughout the program was very inspiring as he participated in the mental and physical health exercises with all others like a true leader! We were humbled by Mr. Jawa's comment at the closing of the event that "I have learned a lot today". That you Sir!

    No wonder that the 1.5-hour program went on for 3-hours due to the rich content and member interactions.

    Please feel free to skip to the relevant sections - the sequence of speakers is as follows: Mr. Amod, Mr. Mihir, Mr. Jawa, Mr. Amitabha, Mr. Ajit, Mr. Akash, Ms. Sumita (Psychologist), Ms. Archana (Mental Wellness Advocate), Ms. Geeta (Online solutions for Mental Wellness), Mr. Amod & Mr. Mihir (Q&A), Ms. Sumita (Wellness Exercise), Mr. Jawa (Closing).

    Discover Yourself via the below online solutions :

    Resilience Quiz: https://www.healthymindonline.com/res...

    4-Week Program: https://www.healthymindonline.com/res...

    Reading Resources: https://www.healthymindonline.com/res...

    Please contact the below for more information:

    amod@healthymindonline.com  geeta@healthymindonline.com  info@rataindia.com  admin.mumbai@ishrae.in

    Thank you!

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