Deborah Seah

Deborah Seah

Qualification : (Peer Support Specialist)

Category : Mental Wellness

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Country Located: Singapore   

Experience: 1 Year   

Languages known: English, Mandarin

I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist who gives engagement talks and provides peer support services. My dream is to accompany my peers and empower them on their road to recovery. I am also an active mental health advocate who seeks to stamp out stigma in mental illnesses, so that more people who are suffering in silence will step forward to receive treatment. I believe that there is no shame to have a mental health condition, as it is just a physical disability like any common illness that can be treated.

My speedy recovery is proof that peer support truly works! To me, Resilience in Recovery requires three things:

- Courage – to embrace the past

- Gratitude – for the gifts of the present

- Hope – to make the most of your future

Recovery from mental illness is possible because I stand as the evidence of recovery myself! I believe that everyone can recover so long as we don’t give up hope!

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Deborah Seah’s Recovery Story

First Appointment - Duration: 60 minutes, Fees: S$40