Titus Foo (Dr)

Titus Foo (Dr)

Qualification : (Doctorate in Psychology)

Category : Resilience Coach

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Country Located: New Zealand

Experience: 20 Years

Languages known: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien

Dr. Titus Foo is a private practitioner, and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at James Cook University. He is an advocate for parenting, and intercultural psychology. He has been helping poor and rich people with mental health issues beyond themselves. And now, also for people who need coaching in their lives.

He has written several books and scholarly articles on Psychology. To mention just a few:

“Causes of four emotions at workplace: happiness, anger, fear and sadness of employees”

“Happier: using the new science of positive psychology to realise your potential for lasting fulfilment”

"Intercultural Parenting: How Eastern and Western Parentling Styles Affect Child Development" (2019)

On the topic of parenting, he says for many, traditional parenting is not working. “The world is so complex today compared with the past. There are dangers as well as opportunities out there. So what is the best parenting style to ensure your child doesn’t turn into a brat?”

Through his research, Dr Foo believes the solution to today’s parenting problems can be found in what he calls ‘negotiation parenting’, a parenting style he has designed. “Negotiation parenting is about making decisions that will help nurture and develop your children.”

Dr Foo Koong Hean lectured psychology at James Cook University’s Singapore campus. He is a Senior Consultant Psychologist at The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore (since 2007). He has been a Consultant Psychologist with healthymindonline.com (since 2016).

He has a PhD in Psychology and a Post-graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. He has extensive experience in practicing psychotherapy and counselling.

4 Week Program  - SGD 250

Video Appointment (60 Minutes) - SGD 250