Mykle Gautham

Mykle Gautham

Qualification : (Master of Counselling)

Category : Mental Wellness

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Service provided: Online Message Support

Country Located: Singapore

Experience: 3 Years +

Languages known: English & Tamil.

Mykle is a practicing counselor who has graduated from Monash University. He has majored in BA Psychology and MSc Counseling, and has participated in several internship programs, serving as a counselor and a case manager, as well as a social worker. He specializes in CBT and has working experiences with diverse ages, ranging from primary school students to the elderly citizens. He has a good understanding and experience dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as emotional concerns revolving physical disabilities. Learning about mental health issues and understanding how it can be a challenge to both oneself and others can be intimidating and frustrating. Mykle would be able to work with you to help you understand how to go about this process, with goal setting and communication education.

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