Rita Haque

Rita Haque

Qualification : (Master of Counselling)

Category : Resilience Coach

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Country Located: Singapore

Experience: 15 Years +

Languages known: English

With more than 15 years of experience as a Resilience Coach and Counsellor, and even more as a corporate executive in responsible  roles makes Rita Haque a veteran and skilled at supporting  people to realise their potential , live a full life and contribute their best professionally and personally.

Rita guides you to the heart of the problem and encourages your ability to address it. Understanding the human psyche brings depth, not just to her counselling and coaching sessions, but to all the work she does with organisations. She ran counselling sessions at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape and Caregiver Alliance. These sessions included top, middle managers, and frontline staff . 

She has the following to say about her Style: “I counsel and coach using an approach that is relevant to the problem . I realise that clients become personally more effective when they learn to replace self-defeating thinking with a problem-solving outlook and learn to deal with difficult emotions . This is a key  skill that supports personal and professional growth and team relationships.”

Her genuine interest in motivating change that takes people and organisations to their potential led Rita to do her Masters in Counselling and also be a Health and Life coach

Rita is a caregiver to one of her sons and understands the stress and challenges that growing numbers of caregivers in organisations face. 

She has the following to say about supporting Caregivers: “In recent times, I’ve coached many caregivers in organisations who are coping with the competing demands of work and home. These caregivers have aging parents  or a loved one with a mental wellness challenge. As a caregiver myself, I know how stressful a caregiving journey can be. I would have appreciated a service like counselling online with a caregiver. It is confidential, convenient and accessible. I look forward to counselling employees and caregivers online.”

Her immersion and work in diverse fields from Communications to Human potential and Leadership development, Learning and Development and Mental Wellness, arms her with multi-dimensional skills and tools that she applies to counselling and coaching on diverse topics from motivation, culture change and corporate alignment to mental, physical and emotional wellness . 

Rita’s career spans from Singapore to Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong where she held vital creative and management roles in leading international organisations. 

Some of her 30+ clients past and present are top global and local brands from following Industries: Airlines, Automobile, Banks, Logistics, Education, Government, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Property, Technology and Tourism.


4 Week Program  - SGD 250

Video Appointment (60 Minutes) - SGD 250