Catch it! Check it! Change it!


17 Dec, 2018

12:30 PM

Catch it! Check it! Change it!

Venue : HMO Online Video Conference

Come transform your life with CBT (Cognitive-Behavior Therapy)!

Learn how to shine on social occasions such as this Christmas and New Year!

Join us on this journey to explore about CBT (Cognitive-Behavior Therapy) and it’s benefits. Learn how CBT can be useful in aiding one to understand their own thought process and how it affects their behaviors.

This event will provide information on how you can independently assess triggers and situations that motivate unhealthy behaviors and avoidance from social bonds. Use the tool we provide to learn more about yourself and how you can modify your situations, thinking patterns and break old habits. Make these end-of-year social events fruitful by preparing in advance to anticipate and project positive and confident behaviors and responses.

Understand how our thoughts can affect our behaviors, which in turn can influence and reinforce our thoughts, resulting in an ongoing cycle. To keep it negative or to make it positive? Come and find out!

Some articles about CBT:

What is CBT?

How did CBT help Sarah deal with anxiety?

How is CBT effectively used in US Prison System to modify cognitive patterns for positive outcomes?

Several online before and after experiences by those who utilized CBT to deal with social anxiety:

This event consists of 3 workshops:

3rd Dec 2018 - Learn about CBT and how it can be utilized for the best preferred outcome. Use the tool to assess yourself and identify unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

10th Dec 2018 - Review the completed tool and the homework done, discuss on how it can be improved and set new/modify goals.

17th Dec 2018 - Share own experiences and discuss feedback.

About the Workshop Specialist:

Mykle is a fresh Counselor who has recently graduated from Monash University. He has majored in BA Psychology and MSc Counseling, and has participated in several internship programs, serving as a counselor and a case manager, as well as a social worker. He specializes in CBT and has working experiences with diverse ages, ranging from primary school students to the elderly citizens. He has a good understanding and experience dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as emotional concerns revolving physical disabilities. Do visit the HMO specialist page to reach out to Mykle for more details on this event and any other concerns.

Date: 3rd / 10th / 17th December 2018, Mondays

Time: 12.30pm SGT

Venue: HMO Online Event

Cost: First session on 3rd December is free! Follow on sessions on 10th Dec will cost $20 and on 17th Dec will cost $30 (Invoice will be sent for payment)

Attendance requirement: Minimum 10 participants

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